Thursday, November 24, 2011

Embarking on a Craftastic Journey

One week from today, this site will soon be transitioning into a new type of blog.  A blog that will feature arts and crafts by me and other fellow male crafters.  What will make this site different?  I haven't really a clue aside from it just being a really fun thing to do and that I'm the one making it. It'll be like a virtual sketchbook. I'll find things to make, execute them and share my results with (on occasion witty) commentary.

To kick off the site, for the month of December, I'll be producing one new craft per day.  That's a big undertaking. Committing myself to at least 2 hours per day to create a project. Granted, some may be super simple concepts. It's the spirit of the challenge that matters, right?

Currently I'm collecting projects that will fill my days. Craftgawker and Pinterest have been awesome sites for this sort of thing. I've been considering finances in all of this too. The things I choose to make will not break the bank - they can't. I don't have that kind of money! HAHAHA!  I'll work with found objects or things I currently have and try to execute each project as closely as possible.

Please join me on the journey December 1!

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