Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project 1: Decoupage Wooden Keychain

As my first project in this challenge I decided to create a keychain that I saw on the site Pinterest. The instructions called for a Jenga game but I didn't have one of those on hand. Instead, I went to Home Depot for a square dowel rod and scored most of my other supplies that were needed for this. Some of the other stuff I already had (paint brush, sand paper and mod podge). 

Supplies used:
1 Square Dowel Rod
Paint Chip Cards
Magazine Clippings
Sand Paper
Eye Hook Screws
Mod Podge
Paint brush

I cut the dowel down to 3" blocks (I also made some 2" blocks). I had to get out the manly miter saw to cut them. Hahahaha

Once cut, I cut images out of the magazine and the paint chip. NOTE:  Paint chips will "chip" with tape.  I taped this down so that I could get an even cut and well, I did not like what happen - just leave it at that. :0)  The cuts of paper were made smaller than the block because I think it looks pretty good.. and so did the original creator of this project (view it here).  Glue the pieces on the block carefully. Once it's secure, paint over everything with the mod podge.  I put three coats on the project.

Another variation of this was using ribbon.  I'm not too sold on the ribbon.  It didn't adhere as well. In the future I might use a hot glue gun.

The Mod Podge serves as a water proof sealer once it's cured. I may also do a few layers of polyurethane sealer on it for good measure.

My favorite of the bunch is the zebra one.

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