Friday, December 23, 2011

Project 12: Terracotta Planter Decorating

I bought this large terracotta planter from IKEA a couple weeks ago and I was trying to figure out just what I would do with it.  Then I realized that I had a 2010 calendar with all these nature images. I have two circle punches of different sizes and a jar of Mod Podge - VIOLA!  Project created!

Supplies Used:
Terracotta pot
Mod Podge
Circle punches
Foam brush
Colorful paper

I punched out a bunch of circles and began adhering them with the glue onto the planter. I didn't really have an idea of how I would lay them out - I just went with the flow.  You have to be comfortable with that or else you'll spend more time that you're really willing to give. hahahaha

Once you've glued your circles down you should do a couple coats of Mod Podge over the pot and circles. The Mod Podge creates a waterproof seal.

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