Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project 7: Button Magnets

I saw this craft on Craft Gawker and thought, "How smart!".  I bought all these random buttons for another project and didn't know what to do with what I have left over. This was the perfect solution.

Supplies Used:
Circle Punch
Neodymium Magnets
Glue Gun

Looking at the supplies used, you'll see that I used the 5/8" circle punch.  I needed circles to cover the back of the buttons that had  holes where the magnet would be seen.  Using the hot glue gun, I used a small amount to adhere the paper to the button.  It adds a nice finished look. If the button is took small to add paper to the back - Don't Fret!! You don't HAVE to do it that way.  It's also kinda nice to see the hot glue come out of the other side (As long as it's not messy).

I just realized that I don't have any pictures from the back of the buttons!

Once the paper is adhered to the button you will add a bead size amount of hot glue to the center of the back of the button and attach the magnet.  I learned (after about 10 completed magnets) that it's best to place the magnet on a metal surface  - it flattens out the hot glue and it won't stick to your hands.  The flatter the magnet is on the back, the stronger the hold.

In all, I'm pretty happy with the initial results.  I will make more.

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