Friday, December 23, 2011

Project 13: Stylish Terrarium

An air plant was hot glued into this jar to create this terrarium.
Only the white rock and the plant are secured.
Building a terrarium is something I've always wanted to try.  It seemed pretty easy and it was.  I just needed to find a jar I liked to get started.

Supplies used:
Jar (open or with a lid)
Activated charcoal (can be purchased at a pet shop in the aquarium section)
Potting soil
Small stones
Succulents or air plant

When using a succulent in the terrarium, you will use all supplies that are listed.  Air plants don't use soil. 

The air plant terrarium will never be enclosed in the jar. It needs as much moisture as it can get without sitting in water.

I used this tutorial on how to make a terrarium.  ETSY Tutorial.  I did start off trying to use a light bulb and it is pretty difficult.  I guess the light bulbs I bought were cheap because the glass was so thin. hahaha

This terrarium used moss that was found in my backyard.  It'll be interesting to see how it grows.

A succulent is used in this terrarium.

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