Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project 9: Mason Jar Lights

I saw Mason Jar lights at a art market a while back and had always wanted to try making them.  Of course, in true Dennis style, I had to add another dimension to it and started this project as a series of  that involve glass etching.  Let me just say that I have learned a LOT with this craft.

Things I learned:
  1. When etching on glass, you need a material that will adhere VERY WELL to the glass.
  2. You should clean the glass with glass cleaner AND wear rubber gloves so that you do not get any smudges, smears, finger prints, etc on the glass.  You should do all of this before you begin taping.
  3. Speaking of taping, I would probably not use masking tape. I'd stick with contact paper. The etching cream seeped under the tape and the lines aren't clean.
  4. When the directions say to put on the etching cream in a thick layer - DO IT!
  5. Don't try to cut the lid to attach the lighting with the improper tool!
With that said, here's what I used:
Armor Etch etching cream
Canning jars
Masking tape
Lighting cord
Paint brush
Metal cutters

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